Introducing // 2-20


As you well know, I get sent ALOT of new music weekly, it takes me a little while to get through everything.

This morning while listening to potential tracks for this weekend’s First Play I stumbled across this guy! I’m always excited to hear something out of the ordinary coming out of the music scene in Ireland.

Seriously, this dude has got talent!

Here’s a little bit about 2-20:

He’s a 19-year-old Hip-hop artist from Sligo. He began making music at a young age taking inspiration from acts like 50 cent , Mac Miller and the Beatles.

His style can be hard to categorise to just one genre as he prides himself on being versatile with his creativity. Lyricism, flow and deep content are all things you will find if you submerse yourself in his music.

He his currently unsigned and fully independent. The song below is his latest single “Created” which is available on all major music platforms. It is a mixture of house and HipHop.


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