Today’s #ThrowbackTuesday is none other than Sum 41‘s “Fat Lip” taken from the album “All killer no filler”

It was released in 2001.

I know I’m sounding like a bit of an oldie when I say this, but they really don’t make music videos or music like this anymore!

I remember waiting patiently for this to come on Kerrang TV back in the day. I absolutely loved these guys, I secretly wanted to marry Derek. Damn you Avril Livigne for getting there before me.

I’m really feeling my age now knowing this is fourteen years old. Eeeeeeek! But my god, it’s still as good as the first time I ever watched it. Of course when this was broadcast on Kerrang there was an extended version which included “Pain For Pleasure”

So good! Sadly, I never saw them live, here’s hoping they might make a comeback. Fingers and toes crossed, eh?

Until the next blog…

Louise xXx



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