Today’s #Throwback is definitely a good one. I’ve chosen one of my favorite songs in the entire world. To say I’ve listened to this track about a thousand times wouldn’t be a lie. I was absolutely obsessed. Still to this day I know all the lyrics.

It’s “In the end” from Linkin Park taken from the album “Meteora”

It came out in the year 2000! Really? Is it that old… WOW!

Again, I listened to this album over and over again until the CD wouldn’t play anymore. The video that went along with this was; back in the day was some pretty serious CGI.

Have a look at the video and you’ll remember.

I hope reading/listening to this has brought back some really great memories.

For some reason this particular track reminds me of secondary school discos and the crazy head banging and general messing that would go on 😉 It’s great to look back on these times with a particular track in mind.

Until the next blog…

Louise xXx


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