I’ve got a Jack Garratt obsession!


You know when you get a song in your head and no matter how hard to try to shift it, it remains there for days? Yup… Well, I’ve got that with all of Jack Garratt’s tracks.

I drive a lot, and when I’m not switching between radio stations I’m listening to some of my favourite artists on Spotify. Recently It’s been Jack Garratt. He’s kind of addictive.

I’m afraid to look and see whether he’s been in Dublin for a gig recently or not. More than likely because it’s me, I’ve missed it! I know… I should be on the ball with these things!

Here are some of my favourite tracks from him. No doubt you will also fall madly in love with his sound. I’ve decided I want Jack Garratt to perform in my sitting room for Christmas.

That’s totally realistic right….?

I know I’ve got a little obsession going on, but seriously. He’s mega! If you prefer listening to him on Spotify, here’s a link. Love. Love. Love.


Until the next blog, I’ll catch you soon.

Lou xXx


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