When you mention “Irish music” diddley eye music sometimes springs to mind. Well, while that genre of music is most certainly Irish, this little country also has an abundance of AMAZING Irish talent that doesn’t necessarily come under the umbrella of “diddly-eye”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Irish traditional music having played trad on the keyboard and piano for years and years in my younger days. Winning a number of trophies at local competitions playing a plethora of waltzes, hornpipes and reels to beat the band. However, forward on ten to fifteen years and I find myself emersed in a different kind of Irish music.

As a radio DJ supporting Irish music I’m lucky enough to get sent lots and lots of great tracks by email and via the postman. I seriously LOVE the postman. I think he’s actually better than Santa… I know, shocker! Mostly I receive music via email, to be honest, it’s the way forward for bands, musicians and DJ’s but I’ll get to that in another blog post.

Anyway, through my love of strong talented Irish musicians and music it’s spurred me on to create an Irish music podcast/radio show.

Here’s the first one. Grab a cuppa, slip in the headphones, sit back and enjoy.

Louise XxX


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