What a great night out! Zigazig ha!



I hope you’re having a great week. I’ve been having a super time, off gallivanting around Galway. Play Open Mic in The Cellar Bar on Monday night and Wednesday I was reliving my youth watching the Spice Girls movie in The Loft, in Seven, Galway.

Hands down the best fun EVER!


Okay okay, it’s not your normal night out but my god is it the best craic you’ll have on a humpy Wednesday night. I’ve been following The VHS club Galway on Facebook for the last few months and had already been to their showing of Hocus Pocus at Halloween. That was absolutely packed, and another brilliant event.

When I saw The VHS Club event for Spice World I hit ‘attend’ immediately. Seven-year-old Louise was beaming with joy. I kid you not, I counted down the days to Wednesday 30th of March. I was a massive Spice Girls fan back in the day. Curtains, Bed sheets, bomber jacket, lollipops, chocolate bars, it the Spice Girls were on it I had to have it. So seeing the Spice Girls movie in your twenties! Yippeeee sign me up.

It’s a fiver on the door, they supply a little goody bag for the first thirty people in, you get a fifteen-minute break half way through the movie to grab yourself a drink and the entertainment in between is hilarious. Hats off to the organisers, I’ve spent fifteen euros into a nightclub and had minus craic, I definitely got my money worth on Wednesday night at The VHS club.


Their next movie is Legally Blonde on April 20th. I can’t wait!

Make sure you head in early to grab a seat, and you never know, I might see you there…



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