I thought it was about time I started a blog…

I pretty much spend all of my spare time listening to new music, so I kinda thought to myself why not write about it too.

I’m Louise, a radio broadcaster, DJ, Voice over artist and MC living in Galway Ireland.

I DJ in various clubs and bars across Ireland and broadcast radio shows on the very popular radio station iRadio. If you come across me, make sure to say hi!

Through my show Vodafone First Play, I get the opportunity each week to interview amazing Irish and international talent. They call into me at the station and showcase some of their amazing tracks. I’ll be documenting some of these amazing bands and artists through the blog.

I also get sent sooooo much new music weekly, it’s a bit of a shame not to talk about it in a little bit more depth.

If you’re in a band yourself and you would like me to review your music, get in touch. You can mail me at: louiseclarkeradio@gmail.com, I’m also on Facebook and Twitter

I hope you enjoy my blog, and enjoy the music you find here.

Louise xXx


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